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1.) CHRIST CHURCH:  Rev Sam Godfrey talks about the history of Christ Church and the people that were part of this historical building during the Siege of Vicksburg.  His narration takes you inside to capture the beauty of the Tiffany stained-glass windows and the events that make Christ Church one of the most interesting places that survived in the historical neighborhood of Vicksburg Mississippi.

2.) DUFF GREEN MANSION:  The proprietor of Duff  Green Mansion, Harley Caldwell, will lead you through the history of the people who lived here through the historical events of the Civil War amidst the grandeur of this special place in the historical neighborhood of Vicksburg.  Harley’s story-telling and her own rich history of Vicksburg brings the history of the house and the Duff Green family to life.

3.) JEFFERSON DAVIS 1808-1861:  Bertram Hayes-Davis, a great-great grandson of Jefferson Davis, will tell the stories of the first 52 years of Jefferson Davis’s life, from birth to his being elected as President of the Confederate States of America.  You will learn about Jefferson Davis’s contribution to our country as a statesman from his ancestor with a first-person viewpoint.

4.) JEFFERSON DAVIS: 1861-1881:  Bertram Hayes-Davis continues the story of Jefferson Davis from the Civil War to his death at 81.  You will learn about the struggles after the War from imprisonment to his efforts to unite this country in the aftermath of the destruction of the War.  Bertram will explain his life from the common misunderstood legacy of Jefferson Davis.

5.) THE ROAD TO FORT SUMTER:  The Civil War did not start in 1861.  There were many events that led this country to war.  From its inception, the country dealt with expansion and slavery, without offering a solution.  Bertram Hayes-Davis will discuss the 40 years prior to the Civil War to bring you a clearer understanding of the origins of the Conflict.

6.) THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER CAMPAIGN:  Follow the formation of the Union Army as they begin their campaign to conquer the Mississippi River from the early days through the siege and onto victory in Vicksburg.  Bertram Hayes-Davis will lead you through the series of battles and events that would lead to the surrender of Vicksburg.

7.) RECONSTRUCTION:  Bertram Hayes-Davis explains what you may not know about Reconstruction.  America is still dealing with this period of history today.  Starting with the freed slave migration, along with the many programs and failures of the United States government, we are still feeling the aftermath of these failed programs.  There is a lasting effect which is still being felt today.

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