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Vicksburg Old Town Tours offers tours showcasing historic Vicksburg. The company is locally owned and operated by Bertram and Carol Hayes-Davis. They have been giving tours in Vicksburg for many years. The company offers a unique experience that caters to people who are seeking to participate in history.

Vicksburg Old Town Tours offers private and group tours that can be individually designed for your particular interests.  Learn why Vicksburg is the “melting pot” of America with a strong dose of Southern charm from the neighbors you will meet along the way.

Come along and listen to the storytelling and oral history as you walk through Antebellum Mansions and see the scars of the War embedded in their walls and floors. The tour guides will create once in a lifetime memories for each guest as they bring the stories to life. They will make you feel like family with their Southern hospitality. They truly love what they do.

Antebellum Experience

Join us as we walk through the historic neighborhood of Vicksburg, visiting Antebellum churches, cottages and mansions and sharing the stories and the history from the past to the present.

Premium Vicksburg Antebellum Experience

Bertram Hayes-Davis will be your guide for this experience.  Along with the Vicksburg Antebellum Experience, Bertram will take you on a driving tour to showcase the history and beauty of the city of Vicksburg from the battlefield to the river.

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