The Vicksburg Antebellum Experience

This tour focuses on Vicksburg’s oldest historic neighborhood, stopping first at Christ Episcopal Church, with its Tiffany stained-glass windows to hear stories of those who experienced the 47-day siege. As the tour continues with a short downhill walk, you can experience the “melting pot” of America, as viewed through the architectural influences of the neighborhood. You will receive a dose of Southern charm from the locals you meet along the way. Finally, tour one of the neighborhood’s most historic Antebellum Mansions where the owners, sixth generation Mississippians, will guide you through its remarkable history. See the scars of the War embedded in walls and floors as you walk through the opulent interiors.

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The Premium Vicksburg Antebellum Experience

Join your guide, Bertram Hayes-Davis. Your tour will begin at the Wahl-Shaffer cottages, the home of Bertram and his wife, Carol Hayes-Davis. They will share the history of their cottages, along with the history of Bertram’s family. Bertram will share a unique and personal observation of the life of Jefferson Davis. Southern inspired refreshments will be served. A short walk will bring you to Christ Episcopal Church where you will hear the story of the survival of this 1846 church. Next door, you will experience the grandeur of Duff Green Manson and hear the stories of “Why Cotton Was King”. A short walk will take you to Anchuca Mansion, the first Antebellum residence to open as a tour home in Vicksburg. You will then walk through this historic neighborhood as you return to the Wahl-Shaffer cottages.

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Group Tours

Vicksburg Old Town Tours offers many different types of tours for your specific group needs. These tours can be designed around your specific interests. Whether you are here for a few days or just a few hours, we can provide a tour for your group. We can offer the Vicksburg Antebellum Experience or the Premium Vicksburg Antebellum Experience for your group larger than 10.  We can also create a custom tour that is designed for your particular group’s interests.

We can accommodate Bus Tours for several hours or several days. These all-inclusive tours include visits to museums, restaurants and local sites of interest, along with historical lectures and presentations.

Private Tours

Vicksburg Old Town Tours offers private tours for those interested in the history of the area. We offer private tours of the Vicksburg Antebellum Experience and the Premium Vicksburg Antebellum Experience. We can also design a custom tour to meet your specific interest. Private tours are up 10 guests.

Driving Tours

Vicksburg Old Town Tours offers a driving tour of the city. Our van holds a maximum of 6 guests. This tour will orient you with Vicksburg points of interest. It will show off the best of the city for those short on time or for those who only want an introduction of Vicksburg before exploring more of the city on their own.

Plan Your Visit

Vicksburg Old Town Tours can help plan your visit regarding lodging, restaurants and attractions for private tours, as well as group tours.

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